About Steve

Steve has worked with students from all over the world in challenging conditions. He is among the top echelon of kitesurf instructors and has earned that reputation through his constant seeking of knowledge, keeping himself up to date on equipment and technology, his careful and caring attitude and his dedicated practice. Give yourself the best experience possible. Call Steve!

“Steve is a world class kiter with the heart of a teacher, the two most important factors when looking for instruction.  His skill in the water and ability to convey that knowledge gives his students an edge- you’ll be up on a board faster, having more fun, while feeling safe and confident.  I would recommend him to anyone looking to begin or improve their skills in the world of kitesurfing.”

Lorraine Skalla, kiter, Kaua’i and Oregon

“Steve is simply the best. After observing lessons with dozens of instructors on Kaua’I and in Vietnam, it is clear how much more Steve’s students are getting. It constantly amazes me how many people claim to have had kitesurf lessons yet lack basic skills, especially safety skills, that are a must if this sport is to be practiced well. Steve is personable and fun. You will have a great experience with him!”

Karen Kenny, kiter and yogini, Kaua’I and Vietnam


On Monday, I reached my #1 kiting goal: To kite GG bridge! Check it out. 😉

It was awesome. But, I’m really glad I didn’t try this sooner. There’s nothing quite like dodging an inbound super-tanker, and outbound super-tanker, a wind shadow, a 5 knot ebb flow current, and a few great white sharks, to sharpen one’s senses! It made Kauai seem easy.

But, still, Steve, all the lessons you taught me came into play. When getting smashed by waves from the super-tanker, I used the wave riding skills we developed at our last sessions. Most importantly, though, I kept the kite flying through wind shadows using all the low-wind kiting work that we did together.”

Mitch Muroff, kiter